Reputation & Crisis

Through working on the Corporate Reputations team at MSL, I have learned how to execute executive visibility plans as well as risk management for clients.



I have helped concept executive visibility plans from the beginning and work to secure more coverage for C-Suite level employees. I currently help monitor for executives at Guardian Insurance by media monitoring, helping to secure coverage and completing weekly audits of peer executives within the insurance and finance sectors. I am currently planning an executive visibility program for Hawkeye Agency in an effort to create name recognition for this midsize agency. I have helped conduct discovery sessions with top executives to figure out key media opportunities. I am currently working to secure new and interesting media opportunities for these clients in order for them to gain more visibility. 



I entered the industry at an unusual time in the world: during the COVID-19 pandemic. Being in PR at this time allowed me to experience dealing with crisis management first hand. As companies had to make quick decisions and quickly transition to a work-from-home model, I was able to aid in both their internal and external communications. I monitored the news cycle daily for updates on the pandemic and alerted clients how to respond as the world rapidly began to change. This was also a time of political change and racial injustice. I helped companies create messaging to support Black Lives Matter and Stop AAPI Hate. Additionally, I consoled clients after political events such as the 2020 election and the Capitol Insurrection. While the news cycle continues to be rapidly changing and as important as ever, I continue to advise my clients on best steps, while monitoring these events in real time.