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Reputation & Crisis

I entered the industry at an unusual time in the world: during the COVID-19 pandemic. Being in PR at this time allowed me to experience dealing with crisis management first hand. As companies had to make quick decisions and quickly transition to a work-from-home model, I was able to aid in both their internal and external communications.

Through working on the Issues Management team for ALDI, I have learned how to respond efficiently to help clients through unexpected situations. I have quickly resolved crises and issues at ALDI such as food recalls, store shootings and accidents involving employees. This work has helped ALDI maintain its reputation as a price leader with quality items and friendly service.


As a member of the Issues team, I respond to media inquiries in order to spin stories in ALDI's favor, while delivering honest feedback to ALDI customers. An example of this work is when I had to help rebuild ALDI's reputation after a protest in front of one of the store's closing Chicago locations. I worked on landscape audits and media messaging packets in order to prepare for media and customer response to the store closing. I used this messaging to quickly respond to local media who questioned why ALDI would desert this location. 


This fast-paced work allowed me to become a quick-thinker, a skill I have used beyond the Issues Management team.

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